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Advertising services. Promotions and ad campaigns. Consulting for events, ceremonies, corporate culture. Contacting and representing different ad agencies and advertizers around the world. Managing artists, performers, appearances, tours, etc.

Toxity Group: "Working with Flamant Digital is nice and easy. Their readiness and professionalism are what makes them our preferred partner."



Selling music tech and equipment, official Thomann representative in Bulgaria. Selling all kinds of music products and wares, creating and selling samples banks.

Primetime With Hoodini: "We'd like to thank the team for their professional attitude, their quick decisions, and the attention they've given us! We have only just begun!"



Licensing, producing, creating, and distributing music, musical content, and video content.

Hot Arena: "The number one Internet tabloid HotArena thanks Flamant Digital for their true professionalism and our joint work. You're very good, guys, you've proven it time and again, and that deserves respect! :)!"



Consulting firm. Legal, accountant, and financial consultin

Music Clinic Records: "Professionalism and qiuck implementation of the services at the highest level! Even if we had asked for more, we would've undoubtedly received it."